Bathroom Rampage

A fun javascript game project with a funny twist.

Bathroom Rampage

About The Project


Bathroom Rampage or The Lil Poop/S*** is a game I developed with Javascript and Jquery. Inspired from Red Carpet Rampage by the Line Animation. Just like the inspiration, it is deliberately challenging. The goal for the game is to get the poop to the toilet before time and “stankiness” levels run out. The game comes with both an explicit and clean version.

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  • HTML and CSS
  • Illustrator
  • Jquery/Javascript



Development roughtly took 60 hours. There were a couple features that were either added, changed or removed from the original plan both because of the limited time, as well as to either improve the user’s experience with the game and to make it more challenging.


Even if the game’s concept was about pooping, I still didn’t want the game to look gross. I went for a clean and friendly approach on the design of the graphics for a youthful and fun look. The graphics were produced in Adobe Illustrator and exported without optimizing for an 8 bit feel.

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