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Miller Rock Racing

About The Project


Miller Motorsports or Miller Rock Racing is a website that sells motorsports parts and promotes Miller Motorsports products used to enhance custom racing vehicles. In this project, my role was to create an interface suitable for their target audience that can promote an optimal shopping experience and best practices in the content management system of Webshop Manager.

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Miller Motorsports


  • Photoshop
  • VS Code


  • Graphic Design
    • UX/UI Design
  • Web
    • Content Management System
    • Front End Development
    • Javascript

Design and Development

The client was looking for a design that a masculine, clean and modern feel that will also cater for their older audience. The interface primarily goes for a dark neutral color look to further establish the edgy feel. The marigold yellow from their branding is used as accents or for call to action elements.

On the development phase, the interface was built on the Bootstrap framework. Although not for best practice, many elements were tweaked or restructured with jQuery to be able to override default generated content that could not be altered due to the limits of the CMS.

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