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Epitone is a web development mini social media project inspired from Behance and Soundcloud. The main goal is to help music professionals and enthusiasts discover and share their music. This project primarily focuses on the back end development.

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  • HTML and CSS
  • Illustrator
  • Javascript
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • Sublime



Epitone is based from the word ‘epitome’ that meant the perfect or highest quality of an example of something, which relates to the site being a social media with the users showcasing their best work.┬áThe concept of the look and feel was simple, youthful, upbeat but professional. The goal for the design was to reach out for both professional and non-professional music oriented audiences.


The development phase was given the span of 80 hours. The website had to be responsive since many of the audience work with their music on tablets and even phones through apps. With this, they can publish their work on the site with ease.

Back end development was poured into the project as well. Users can upload tracks and put them in genres and in one to three categories of role in work much like Behance. Users can also search or explore tracks based on these categories as well as through artists, albums, and lyrics. Tracks can be liked and commented on by registered users.

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